Our buffets are designed to incorporate a variety of fresh and popular ingredients set out beautifully, something for everyone. Each dish we prepare is homemade, we inject as much though and love into our food as possible. We have an array of culinary influences so no matter where your tastes come from we can cater for them. We love everything from the Mediterranean to the Middle East.

We have a large range of buffet options; from hot to cold, fork, full sit down or standing.


Looking for something cost effective? Try our finger buffet; a fun tasty and affordable way to have a party. The food can be laid out and your guest can just help themselves without the need for cutlery.

It is such a pleasure to be able to work with a professional who can pre-empt client needs, deliver exciting menus over an over for repeat clients as well consistently deliver delicious, generous and beautifully presented dishes time and time again"

Alexandra Cowell - Spirit Azur